ArcticZymes成功扩大SAN HQ耐高盐核酸酶产能

ArcticZymes成功扩大SAN HQ耐高盐核酸酶产能

2021.03.26,特罗姆瑟】ArcticZymes AS (OSE:AZT)的耐高盐核酸酶(SAN HQ),以其独特的性能——在高盐条件下对核酸的高效酶切——为基因治疗和疫苗客户提供了更经济有效和技术优越的解决方案,用于在治疗性病毒载体生产过程中去除污染的DNA

目前,SAN HQ耐高盐核酸酶已广泛用于基因治疗及疫苗的生产,如腺相关病毒载体(AAV)、腺病毒(AdV)载体疫苗、溶瘤病毒(OV)等。



该项目部分资金来自于20205月从创新挪威基金会(Innovation Norway)获得的国家拨款。我们感谢创新挪威基金会对该项目的支持和对其潜在价值的认可。


ArcticZymes Technologies ASA CEO Jethro Holter

“在我们共同发展业务的过程中,SAN HQ耐高盐核酸酶的产能升级是确保我们向客户提供持续供应的核心。”


ArcticZymes Technologies Successfully Upscales SAN HQ Enzyme Production

Tromsø, Norway, 26th March 2021 – ArcticZymes Technologies ASA (OSE: AZT) announces it has successfully scaled-up the manufacturing of its SAN HQ enzyme

ArcticZymes Technologies´ Salt Active Nuclease High Quality (SAN HQ) enzyme offers gene therapy and vaccine customers a more cost effective and technically superior solution for the removal of contaminating DNA during the manufacturing process of therapeutic viruses.

The Company entered the therapeutic segment with its SAN portfolio in 2016. Since then, it has rapidly grown its customer base and subsequent sales. In 2020 the segment accounted for 41% of total sales revenues and demand continues to grow. As a consequence, there was a need to transition from small-scale fermentation production into significantly larger-scale fermenters so that customers can receive large quantities of enzyme from a single production batch. This successful upscaling achieved greater than a 100-fold increase in fermentation yield and enzyme manufactured from this upscaled process will be commercially available to our customers from early Q2.

The project was partial funded by a national grant received in May 2020 from Innovation Norway. We are grateful to Innovation Norway for supporting the project and recognizing its underlying value.

ArcticZymes Technologies ASA, CEO, Jethro Holter said:

“The upscaling of SAN HQ is core to ensure continuity of supply to our customers as we mutually grow business together.”


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